Delaware Corporate Office Redesign

Taghleef Industries, Inc.


Taghleef Industries, Inc. relocated their north east facility from Wilmington Delaware to Newark Delaware. Although the job itself isn’t too far from one another, the biggest obstacle that we at Boomerang USA met was the strategy behind their now global expansion. In the beginning of our relationship, Tagleef Industries had a general space picked. Our team went out to our client’s location and measured everything out. We took detailed notes to further understood the project, allowing us the ability to strategize how we can fulfill our client’s needs.


Overall, the client’s new facility was much smaller than their old location. Approximately one-third smaller. Given the space constraints, we at Boomerang had to find a creative way to include all 60 employees that were relocating to the new facility. As we went into our initial consultation to take measurements, we submitted our first floor plan to the client. Although it took multiple revisions of the floor plan to come to an agreement, we came to an agreement as to what Tagleef new north east facility looks like today. Given the floor plan, we provided a solution for private offices and community desk space for their workers and executive team. They also received floor to ceiling glass walls and multiple arrangements that can be further customized. Originally, the client had individual private offices where everyone kept to themselves. Now, their main opinion leaders wanted to switch to a more open floor concept. We went ahead and took care of the installation that took just two weeks to build. Scroll through the following before and after pictures to imagine your new office.

  • Moving facility
  • Changing the company work culture
  • Add more storage in less space
  • Clean design
  • Two week turnaround
  • Accommodating work environment


See the shots of before and after Boomerang’s renovation. Drag left and right
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